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Forging the Truth Chapter 4
Rin and Obito were quietly eating their breakfast. Kakashi continued to read his book. Minato, was the first to say something. "Hurry up. We have to get back out there." He told Rin and Obito. Asuma and Kurenai came walking in. "Hey just wanted to say good luck before you leave." Asuma smiled. Then looked at Kakashi. "Who's he Minato sensei?"  "His name is Kakashi." Minato smiled. "But isn't that-" Minato nodded. "Yes it is." Kakashi looked over at Asuma, the young Asuma he used to know, before Kakazu and Hidan murdered him. The Asuma, Shikamaru knew and looked up to. "Did I do something wrong, Kakashi?" Kakashi shook his head. "No of course not." "Call him, Kakashi Sensei." Asuma nodded. Minato winked over at Kakashi. "Alright, we should head out now." Minato got up, and so did Obito and Rin. "Is Kakashi Sensei coming?" Rin asked. "Not this time, Rin." He took them outside. "Wait, can we say bye to him?" Minato nodded. Rin and Obito went back inside, Rin gave him a hug and so did Obito. "Ill see you two when you get back." They nodded. Then headed out.
Naruto started getting really mad, we must be at least half way through this battle now. But Orochimaru doesn't seem to be taking any damage what so ever. I should probably try my new move on him, though I was going to save it for later, when I was training, but there's no time, I must try it. I got myself ready, then I let it come to me. I yelled, "Chidori!" and attacked.  'The opponent counteracted it?! But how?!' Kakashi thought a bit annoyed.  Orochimaru laughed his laugh, then disappeared along with Sasuke. Naruto tried running to them before they could disappear. Falling to his knees, he yelled. "SASUKEEEEEEEEEEEE" Sakura walked over to him, putting her hand on his shoulder. "Naruto…" Naruto shook his head. "I promised Sakura, I promised you. But I just-" Sakura shook her head. "Naruto! Remember your ninja way! Don't give up!" She helped him up. Sai was right there with them. I was standing in the distance, but I could still see everything.  I jumped down. "How long…how long has this been going on for?" Sakura shook her head. "Too long. Do you know Anko?" I looked at her oddly. "Anko?" "I guess  you don't. But she was one of his first subjects. When she was his student." I nodded.

Later that day~
Kakashi was standing minding his own business. "KAKASHI SENSEI!" Rin yelled jumping on him. "We found a way for you to get home!" Kakashi looked at her oddly. "Hm?" Minato nodded. "I told them everything." Kakashi nodded. "When are we leaving?" Minato smiled. "Now if you want." Kakashi nodded. Obito looked at Minato, "Do you think Kakashi will be there?" "Im sure he will Obito." Minato smiled. "Let's go!" Rin smiled running towards the Hokage's office. They followed. "Hokague sir." "Hello Minato." "Why are they coming?" Obito asked a bit upset pointing to Asuma and Kurenai.  "They need a little extra cash so I thought they should go with you, it should be interesting anyway. Obito sighed, Kakashi put his hand on his shoulder. "Don't worry Obito, it'll be ok." "Alright, everyone, get going." The  third hokague told them. They started leaving. Everyone except Kakashi. "Sir. I need to talk to you about something." He told the third.
Sorry for the wait guys. But here it is!
chap 5: [link]
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